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Big dreams require big plans

We all want the children we love to have a bright future filled with promise, opportunity, and success. College can be a key building block for that future, but paying tomorrow's tuition bill requires careful planning today.

MOST -- Missouri's 529 Advisor Plan ("MOST 529 Advisor Plan" or "the Plan") has partnered with Upromise Investments, Inc. and Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management through DWS Investments Distributors, Inc., as sole distributor. The MOST 529 Advisor Plan is an easy way to save for higher education, with a number of valuable benefits:

  • Federal and Missouri tax-deferred growth and tax-free qualified withdrawals.1
  • A state income tax deduction for Missouri taxpayers of up to $8,000 ($16,000 if married, filing jointly) each year for contributions to their accounts in determining their Missouri adjusted gross income.2 If you live outside of the state of Missouri, contact your tax advisor to see if your state offers state tax or other benefits when investing in 529 plans sponsored outside of your home state.
  • Flexible multi-managed investment options.
  • Control over the account.
  • Convenient online account access.
  • Opportunities to save even more through Ugift® - Give College Savings and Upromise.®3

Start preparing for tomorrow's education today
They may be taking their first steps or learning to play catch, but college will be here before you know it. That's why the time to start saving for those big plans is right now. Throughout this site, you'll find resources and helpful information about saving for college. Your financial advisor is a valuable resource with insights that can help you achieve your goals. Don't hesitate to ask your financial advisor any questions you may have about your college savings strategy.

Ready to begin? Start here to learn more about 529 college savings plans.

1 Earnings on non-qualified withdrawals are subject to federal income tax and may be subject to a 10% federal penalty tax, as well as state and local income taxes. The availability of tax or other benefits may be contingent on meeting other requirements.

2 Contributions to the MOST 529 Advisor Plan in a tax year are deductible from Missouri state income tax up to certain limits, but are subject to recapture in subsequent years if you make non-qualified withdrawals.

3 Upromise is an optional service offered by Upromise, Inc., is separate from the MOST 529 Advisor Plan, and is not affiliated with the State of Missouri. Specific terms and conditions apply to the Upromise service. Participating companies, contribution levels and conditions subject to change at any time without notice. Transfers subject to a $25 minimum.

If you are not a Missouri taxpayer, consider before investing whether your or the designated beneficiary's home state offers any state tax or other benefits that are only available for investments in such state's qualified tuition program.

As of December 2, 2013 Upromise Investments, Inc. and Upromise Investment Advisors, LLC are no longer affiliated with Upromise, Inc., SLM Corporation, or its affiliates.

For more information about MOST - Missouri's 529 Advisor Plan, contact your financial advisor, call 1-800-617-5097, or click here to obtain a Plan Description. Investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses, and other important information are included in the Plan Description; read and consider it carefully before investing. Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management through DWS Investments Distributors, Inc., serves as Distributor.

The Missouri Higher Education Savings Program (the "Program Trust") is a trust created by the State of Missouri. When you invest in MOST - Missouri's 529 Advisor Plan (the "MOST 529 Advisor Plan" or the "Plan"), you are purchasing portfolio units issued by the Program Trust. Portfolio units are municipal securities. The MOST 529 Advisor Plan has been implemented and is administered by the Missouri Higher Education Savings Program Board (the "Board"). Upromise Investments, Inc., and Upromise Investment Advisors, LLC, serve as the Program Manager and Recordkeeping and Servicing Agent, respectively, with overall responsibility for the day-to-day operations. The Plan's portfolios, although they invest in mutual funds, are not mutual funds. DWS Investments Distributors, Inc. is responsible for marketing and distribution of the MOST 529 Advisor Plan. American Century Investment Management, Inc.; BlackRock Fund Advisors; BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, N.A.; Capital Research and Management Company; Columbia Management Investment Advisers, LLC, and its affiliates; Deutsche Investment Management Americas Inc.; Invesco Advisers, Inc.; Pacific Investment Management Company LLC (PIMCO); Scout Investments, Inc.; T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc.; and Templeton Global Advisors Limited provide underlying investments for the MOST 529 Advisor Plan.

Investment returns are not guaranteed, and you could lose money by investing in the MOST 529 Advisor Plan. Participants assume all investment risks, including the potential for loss of principal, as well as responsibility for any federal and state tax consequences.

Not FDIC-Insured. No Bank, State, or Federal Guarantee. May Lose Value.

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